The Third Faction

A good people in gaming podcast about video games and their communities, hosted by @briccostud and @Mslistra with a special guest on each fortnightly episode. On this page you’ll find each show episode as they are launched to the general public and on others our full contact details plus a blog covering things we want to cover outside the WoW community that have some connection and our community heroes.

Join Bricco and Listra as we go through our list of hopes and dreams For TTF and what we've been up to.Find us onhttps://twitter.com/3rdfactionshowhttps://twitter.com/MsListrahttps://twitter.com/briccostudYou can email the show onthethirdfactionshow@gmail.comYou can find all our links at http://www.thethirdfaction.comYou can review us on BonusRoll.gg/directory
  1. We're Baaaaack!
  2. Get to the CHOPPA!! A visit with Krazzie of Made In Aussieroth
  3. Bricco's Ted Talk or Bricco Goes On A Rant
  4. Cooking Up Some Game Hash with Ha'Rainna
  5. Wrath of The Lich King Round Table Pt. 2