The Third Faction

A World of Warcraft podcast about the game community hosted by @briccostud and @demeternoth with a special guest on each fortnightly episode. On this page you’ll find each show episode as they are launched to the general public and on others our full contact details plus a blog covering things we want to cover outside the WoW community that have some connection and our community heroes.

We are responsible for our community The Third Faction

This week Deme and Bricco talk to GriggsyTV a Wow Classic and retail streamer who lives in Australia and describes himself as “the socially awkward tattooed giant”. We talked about taking responsibility for the community in WoW, the new mentor/guide options and his hopes for the future of his streaming community.  You can email the show on thethirdfactionshow@gmail.com You can find all our links at http://www.thethirdfaction.com (http://www.thethirdfaction.com)   You can find Griggsy on  https://streamerlinks.com/GriggzyTV (https://streamerlinks.com/GriggzyTV) and on https://discord.com/invite/5RBXy6V (https://discord.com/invite/5RBXy6V) Madeleine Roux on Twitter – https://twitter.com/Authoroux (https://twitter.com/Authoroux) The guide system (https://www.wowhead.com/news=316948/help-new-players-in-shadowlands-with-the-newcomer-guide-system)   https://www.wowhead.com/news=316948/help-new-players-in-shadowlands-with-the-newcomer-guide-system (https://www.wowhead.com/news=316948/help-new-players-in-shadowlands-with-the-newcomer-guide-system) Support this podcast
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