The Third Faction

A World of Warcraft podcast about the game community hosted by @briccostud and @demeternoth with a special guest on each fortnightly episode. On this page you’ll find each show episode as they are launched to the general public and on others our full contact details plus a blog covering things we want to cover outside the WoW community that have some connection and our community heroes.

I change class more often than I change my underwear. The Third Faction A World of Warcraft Podcast

On show 21, in a last minute change, Lewy_Bluh joins Deme and Bricco to talk about being an altoholic, how to survive being a guild leader and most importantly, what’s the best doughnut?!  Find us on https://twitter.com/3rdfactionshow (https://twitter.com/3rdfactionshow) https://twitter.com/Demeternoth (https://twitter.com/Demeternoth) https://twitter.com/briccostud (https://twitter.com/briccostud) You can email the show on thethirdfactionshow@gmail.com You can find all our links at http://www.thethirdfaction.com/ (www.thethirdfaction.com) You can review us on http://radio.com/directory (warcraftradio.com/directory)  You can find Lewy at –  https://www.twitch.tv/lewy_bluh (https://www.twitch.tv/lewy_bluh) https://twitter.com/Lewy_Bluh (https://twitter.com/Lewy_Bluh)  You can find Des Mephisto here on twitter https://twitter.com/DesMephisto (https://twitter.com/DesMephisto) and here on Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/desmephisto (https://www.twitch.tv/desmephisto)  Support this podcast
  1. I change class more often than I change my underwear.
  2. What’s Stormwind?
  3. You're Bossy and Opinionated, Want to be a Raid Leader?
  4. BONUS! Sylvanas, Memories and Lich King(S) Speculation with Dracoris!
  5. I didn't get sat on by the Fel Reaver